Video On Demand

As a common function in the audio and video industry, video on demand mainly requires media processing, file storage and content distribution. Based on this, OMS provides HTTP range download capabilities, file tracking services, combined with media processing services to fully meet the various architectural and product requirements of on-demand services.

Added file uploading service to automatically upload live recordings to file tracking service >>


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Video Sources

Live recordings, videos output by media processing services

Video Upload

Live recordings can be automatically uploaded through the interfaces and services provided by the file tracking service

Content Delivery

Download directly through the interface provided by the file tracking service, or distributed by CDN sourcing object storage (OSS) services

Video Playback

Recommended to use Odd Player


Lower Costs

The file tracking service automatically filters redundant files during upload; During storage, files that have not been accessed for a long time are gradually archived

Cross-domain Protection

The allowed cross-domain domain names can be configured for the HTTP file service

Playback Authentication

HTTP resources can enable business authentication, and OSS resources have STS authentication



Nov 11, 2020


Added CMAF recorder

Upgraded FMP4 recorder to CMAF, and provided MPEG-DASH live streaming service

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Mar 17, 2021


Added LL-HLS live streaming capability

Providing LL-HLS live streaming service using CMAF clipping

See details >>

Jun 14, 2021


Added MpegTS recorder

Added TS clip recording function to be compatible with some players, which can serve HLS function together with CMAF clipping

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Aug 6, 2021


Added file upload management service

Provides a set of HTTP interfaces for querying and managing business lines, resources and files

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