HTML5 Video Player

The player (odd.player.js) has been polished for years of practice. It always adheres to the goals of being professional, efficient, delicate, and easy to use. It precisely controls every frame of data, combined with perfect interfaces, events, and highly free UI frameworks to easily meet various business and Custom requirements.

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Multi-source Input

Supports HTTP/WS-FLV, HTTP/WS-FMP4, WebRTC, and formats natively supported by HTML5 (such as MPEG4, OGG, WebM, mobile HLS, etc.)


Multiple independent instances can run on the same page

Video Screenshot

Take a screenshot of the current picture with one click and save it as JPG/PNG

Real-Time Recording

Real-Time save the playing FLV, FMP4 stream locally

Open Sourced UI

Open sourced a highly componentized UI framework, which comes with components and plugins such as thumbnails, co-viewing, barrage, control bar, clarity, right-click menu, LOGO, center play, etc.

Data Reporting

Collect and report playback data (such as first frame time, receiving, decoding, stuttering) and logs


Mature and Stable

Features such as dynamic track detection, audio-video synchronization in case of frame loss, dynamic memory release, and smart low-latency mode give it the ability to play 24/7 smoothly and eliminate TCP cumulative latency

Professional and Easy to Use

Standard interfaces, events, clear configuration and documentation make it easier to use. It also has SEI event notifications to meet custom requirements

Comfortable UI

Rich components and plugins, and a highly extensible open source UI framework make it easy to extend functions (such as feedback, gifts, etc.). It also has one-click theme switching capability



Jan 15, 2021


Added FMP4 player module

Plays HTTP/WS-FMP4 live streams

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Oct 17, 2021



Implemented WebRTC signaling with publishing, subscribing, event handling capabilities

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Jan 11, 2022


Frontend SDK merged

Merged player, RTC, IM SDK into odd.js, and open source

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May 27, 2022


Added RTC player module

Implemented WebRTC low-latency playback based on odd.rtc.js

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