Instant Messaging (IM)

As a common function in contemporary products, instant messaging (IM) was introduced into OMS early on. Just embed the SDK to easily integrate chat, session, group, file transfer, live broadcast barrage and other capabilities. It can also expand custom functions to fully meet business needs.

Added naming service to achieve preference allocation (such as room aggregation) >>

WebRTC signaling merged with IM protocol >>

Frontend SDK merged, and open source >>


[10th Anniversary] Get free IM service when purchasing live streaming service authorization >>

[10th Anniversary] Get free IM service when purchasing real-time streaming service authorization >>


Text Chat

Multiple, interleaved transport protocols make messages more instant

File Transfer

Support binary stream fragmentation and interleaved transmission

Extended Messages

Support custom user control messages that can be directed

Open Source

Chat protocol, SDK and UI framework are open source


Quick Access

Based on open source SDK and UI frameworks, IM capabilities can be quickly integrated

High Scalability

Standard interfaces and events, customizable messages

Secure and Reliable

Encrypted transmission via wss ensures content security



Jan 11, 2022


Frontend SDK merged

Merged player, RTC, IM SDK into one library

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Jul 12, 2022


Fast signaling reconnection

Implemented fast signaling reconnection without interrupting audio and video calls

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Nov 21, 2022


Upgraded IM protocol, merged RTC signaling

Integrated RTC signaling and naming service into IM protocol

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Jan 17, 2023


Updated online user list

Pushed current online user list after fast reconnection succeeded

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