Real-Time Streaming

As an important feature of OMS, real-time streaming (WebRTC) is built on WebRTC official source code to create SFU capabilities. It also launches CGO standard middleware, combined with 10 years of network and audio and video technology accumulation, aims to build excellent real-time streaming services with standards.

Added naming service to achieve preference allocation (such as room aggregation) >>

WebRTC signaling and IM protocols merged >>

Web SDK added skin beauty function >>

Optimized transport and cascade >>


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Real-Time Signaling

Collaborate with instant messaging (IM) service to achieve rich functions such as calling, answering, conference control, barrage, likes, gifts, etc.

Dynamic Track

Support dynamic addition and removal of audio and video tracks, such as accompaniment, screen sharing, etc.

Side Live Streaming

Use MCU side streaming service to turn upstream streams into RTMP pushes to live streaming services

Quality Report

Statistics of upstream and downstream data for each stream/track, report to log service for statistical analysis and chart display

Special Effects

Provide special effects beauty processing pipeline, and comes with beauty and filter functions


Low Latency

Thanks to the use of the official WebRTC library, the end-to-end latency is less than 200 ms

High Quality

Thanks to the use of the official WebRTC library, the packet loss retransmission, bandwidth estimation and other algorithms are aligned with the browser

High Compatibility

Thanks to the use of the official WebRTC library, it is highly compatible with browsers by nature


Supports mainstream systems and platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS

Easy to Maintain

With the continuous updating and improvement of WebRTC standards, functions and algorithms can be aligned with browsers at any time



Feb 16, 2022


Released CGO standard middleware

Allows the Golang application layer to call the WebRTC SFU dynamic library through this library

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Apr 11, 2022


Completed SFU capability reconstruction

Without re-encoding, the application layer can obtain SFU forwarding capabilities by cloning the track

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Jun 8, 2022


Optimized SFU forwarding and cascade

Forward rtp packets directly without waiting for frame assembly

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Sep 22, 2022


Web SDK added skin whitening and skin polishing

Skin whitening and skin polishing can be enabled after preview and publishing, and parameters can be adjusted

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