File Tracking

The file tracking service is based on public cloud object storage (OSS) services and provides two major functions: deduplication storage and intelligent cold storage, aiming to optimize and reduce enterprise storage costs.

[Good News] In 2022, file tracking services reduced recording storage costs by about 70% for enterprises >>

Added file upload service to automatically upload live recordings to file tracking service >>

Added file tracking administration service >>


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[10th Anniversary] Get free file tracking service when purchasing media processing service authorization >>


File Storage

Supports file upload, download, custom business callbacks

File Management

Supports file deletion, resource deletion, storage type conversion

File Enumeration

Supports enumerating files under folders and querying resources

Business Isolation

Files and resources of different business lines are isolated from each other


Deduplication Storage

When the business line is set to automatic deduplication, files with the same content uploaded will be automatically deduplicated to reduce storage costs

Intelligent Cold Storage

Files that have not been accessed for a long time will gradually reduce storage tiers to reduce storage costs

Secure and Reliable

Both upload and download have STS verification



Jun 11, 2021


Added file tracking service

Fixed the interface to get download link

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Jul 21, 2021


Added file tracking management service

Added file tracking management service

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Oct 14, 2021


Service Optimization

Optimized database queries

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Jan 5, 2022


Forced Fetch

Added forced fetch parameter in restoreObject to handle inconsistent state issues

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