Live Streaming

As one of the main functions of OMS, live streaming has been optimized and practiced for a long time from the bottom protocol to media encapsulation. It continues to explore and research the latest live streaming technologies, aiming to provide a complete, easy-to-access, high-concurrency and low-latency live streaming services.

Added media processing service, supporting live transcoding, live thumbnails, etc. >>

Added file uploading service to automatically upload live recordings to file tracking service >>

Added live streaming administration service >>


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Live Streaming Service

Supports RTMP input and outputs RTMP, HTTP/WS-FLV, HTTP/WS-FMP4, HLS (TS), LL-HLS (CMAF), DASH (CMAF) streaming formats

Live Transcoding

Relying on media processing services to provide professional and highly customizable media processing templates, providing multi-bitrate live transcoding capabilities


Supports recording FLV, HLS, DASH formats, and provides HTTP interfaces for remote control of recorders. Can be automatically connected to OSS storage systems


Play back live content at any time during live streaming, meeting the instant playback requirements in e-commerce, education, sports and other scenarios

Relay Service

Supports relaying upstream streams to multiple nodes or platforms to meet the needs of full-network live streaming

Security Protection

Supports anti-leech, remote authentication, event push, data reporting and other functions, and provides live streaming management services


Professional and Stable

Provides mainstream live streaming technologies and application functions. The implementation of all protocols and formats is encoded according to international specifications for better compatibility.

High Concurrency

Through continuous optimization, the overhead such as re-encapsulation is reduced to the minimum

Low Latency

Based on professional transmission experience and theory, low latency is embedded in every link


Supports mainstream operating systems and platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS



Jun 14, 2021


Added MpegTS recorder

To be compatible with some players, added TS clip recording function, which can serve HLS function together with CMAF clipping

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Jun 20, 2021


Added live streaming management service

Provides a set of HTTP interfaces for querying and managing connections and live streams

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Sep 6, 2021


Status and statistics data reporting

Report server status and statistical data of streams going online and offline to facilitate troubleshooting

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Sep 16, 2021


Added file uploading service

Configurable scheduled tasks to upload recorded files to the file tracking service. Delete local files after successful upload, support event notifications

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