• Product Introduction

    Odd Media Server (OMS) is a cross-platform media streaming engine with comprehensive functions and excellent performance. It mainly provides real-time streaming (WebRTC), live streaming, video on demand, instant messaging, media processing, file tracking and other private cloud services. From the bottom protocol to media encapsulation, it has been optimized and practiced for a long time, and continues to explore and research the latest media streaming technologies and peripheral supporting services. It aims to provide standard and complete real-time streaming, live streaming, interactive live streaming and other audio and video solutions.

  • Version History

    1.5.39 IM Added WS RPC capabilities 2023/02/10
    1.5.34 IM Updated online user list 2023/01/17
    2.4.11 odd.player.js Added co-viewing plugin 2022/12/22
    1.5.09 IM Upgraded IM protocol, merged RTC signaling 2022/11/21
    2.4.04 odd.im.js Added UI framework, and open source 2022/11/18
    2.3.52 odd.rtc.js Web SDK added skin whitening and smoothing 2022/09/22
    1.4.44 RTC Signaling fast reconnection 2022/07/12
    1.4.38 RTC Optimized SFU forwarding and cascading 2022/06/08
    2.3.17 odd.player.js Added RTC playback module 2022/05/27
    1.4.06 RTC Completed SFU capability overhaul 2022/04/11
    1.4.01 RTC Released CGO standard middleware library 2022/02/16
    2.3.01 odd.js Frontend SDK merged 2022/01/11
    2.2.22 odd.rtc.js Added RTC SDK 2021/10/17
    1.2.52 VOD Added file uploading service 2021/09/16
    1.2.39 LIVE Status and statistics reporting 2021/09/06
    1.2.03 VOD Added file uploading administration service 2021/08/06
    1.1.86 VOD Added file tracking administration service 2021/07/21
    1.1.82 LIVE Added live streaming administration service 2021/06/20
    1.1.74 LIVE Added MpegTS recorder 2021/06/14
    1.0.77 LIVE Added LL-HLS live streaming capabilities 2021/03/17
    2.1.73 odd.player.js Added FMP4 playback module 2021/01/15
    2.1.49 odd.player.js Added UI framework, and open source 2020/11/26
    1.0.40 LIVE Added CMAF recorder 2020/11/11
    1.0.06 LIVE Added HTTP/WS-FLV live streaming capabilities 2020/09/21
    1.0.05 LIVE Added RTMP live streaming capabilities 2020/08/23
    1.0.00 LIVE Started refactoring live streaming server 2020/06/19